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Red wine, benefits for sexual life and health

Many of us are aware of the benefits of red wine when it comes to health, but how many do we know that in addition to improving metabolism and heart, it helps to improve sexual life? Numerous studies have shown that among all the alcoholic beverages you consume before having sex, red wine is the only one that brings great changes in your sexual experience.

Once drunk with moderation, red wine accelerates the testosterone level, a hormone that helps increase the desire to have sex. The key to a successful party lies in the moderation with which you drink this drink, a glass of which is enough. Also, in the case of women, red wine consumption helps to increase blood circulation to erogenous areas and increases the level of lubrication. Moreover, as a result of studies, women who consume red wine are more willing to have sex than those who consume other types of alcoholic beverages. People become more excited when they drink red wine and not for the first time the partners choose to consume it.

Red wine: benefits for health and sexual life
Prevents heart disease. One of the strongest antioxidants found in wine is called resveratrol and has the power to fight cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

Improves sexual life. Moderate amounts of red wine help increase sexual desire and blood circulation to erogenous areas.

Helps to relax and uninhibited. The polyphenol found in the wine composition, combined with a small amount of alcohol (never more than 20%), acts on the nervous system, thus allowing relaxation and disinhibition, with positive effects on orgasm in women.

Helps natural erection. Wine contains substances that naturally increase blood circulation to different parts of the body, including genital organs, causing erection in men.

Improves metabolism. Ellagic acid, a component that red wine contains, accelerates the metabolism of fatty acids found in liver cells.

Controls the level of sugar in the blood. Studies show that red wine is very effective when it comes to slowing down glucose to blood cells, thus maintaining control of sugar in the blood.

Prevents memory loss. Several studies have shown that resveratrol found in red wine prevents or even eliminates memory loss.

Prevents the appearance of cancer cells. Researchers have shown that resveratrol helps destroy damaged cells in DNA, reducing the risk of cancer cells becoming cancerous.

Improves testosterone levels. One of the ingredients found in wine is quercetin, which naturally helps raise testosterone levels in the blood.

Fight against depression. Researchers in Spain have found that men and women who drank between 2 and 7 glasses of wine over the weekend were less prone to depression than those who did not eat at all.

Offers skin luminosity. A recent study shows that antioxidants found in grapes used for red wine production reduce the occurrence of bacteria that cause acne.


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